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Training Dates for New UCC Ministerial Profile System

Training Dates for New UCC Ministerial Profile System


If you are a minister with a current validated or in-process profile, please confirm that all your information has successfully transferred and is correct. We also ask that you double check the “Optional Demographic Information” section from the menu at the top right. This information is optional and is not used for search and call purposes; however, we’ve expanded the options and categories, and we request that you review your information to ensure that it is still accurate, making whatever changes are appropriate for you. If something in your profile is missing (background check, information that should have transferred, validation confirmation, etc.), please contact with a clear description of what is missing, and MESA will work to address your concerns in a timely manner. You are invited to attend a training session on the new system on the following dates/times:

January 11, 4:00 – 5:00pm ET

This training walks ministers and MIDs through the process of registration and use of the new UCC Ministerial Profiles Portal. Staff from Suran Systems (who built the site) and MESA will be on hand and can answer general questions about the completion and use of the Snapshot and the Profile, as well as answer questions about the use of the system in the search and call process. The training is approximately 45 minutes in length and recurs a week later with identical content. Additionally, this training will be recorded and will be available on the UCC website and Suran’s YouTube site for future reference.