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YES! CAC UCC  (Young Engagement Squad)

YES! CAC UCC: Young Engagement Squad


…of the Central Atlantic in the United Church of Christ Conference is currently considering programming at the upcoming Annual meeting. 


Here’s what we’d like to know:

  • Do you have youth and/or young adults (high school to college) that are active in your congregation?
  • Do you want to engage your youth more in the life of your church, Association, our Conference, or the wider Church?
  • Do you think worship with and the business of the Conference can inspire interest, leadership, and engagement?
  • Are you interested in specific activities and engagement for your youth at the annual meeting?


If you have youth or a group and you want to bring them (and chaperones!), let us know by contacting Katie Penick at


Responses by Sunday, September 18 would be graciously appreciated.  


Much appreciated!

– Rev. Katie Penick, Darryl Moch, Kirk Johnson, Kecia Munroe, and Debra Wilcox